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Logan Bread Dried Food Recipe

Many individuals tend to downplay the importance of snacks and lunch while hiking or backpacking. This is because when the majority of people imagine about dried food they visualize some kind of pale or tasteless sodium blasted sludge. The beauty of dry food is the nourishment it can add into your body and the variety it can add into your food cupboard. With the best dried food recipe, you can neatly line up a wide range of dry meals on the food pantry. These meals only need a small amount of warm water, and you will enjoy a burst of minerals and vitamins.

One area where most people seem to forget when making dry meals is the use of meat. Using dried beef will let you to prepare all your usual recipes with only few adaptations. Additionally, dried foods can also be made from vegetables that cannot be found in cans in most stores. For instance many dried food recipes utilize bell pepper, which is normally hard to get during the winter season. A simple dried food recipe would use simple ingredients available throughout the year, for instance, dry Logan bread recipe. The recipe requires seven cups of whole wheat flour, half teaspoonful of salt, half cup of dry milk powder, one teaspoonful of cinnamon and nutmeg. In addition, you need to use three-quarter cup of brown sugar half cup of chopped nuts, three-quarter cup of honey, and molasses.

All these ingredients are locally available and will be accessed in all seasons. In order to prepare this meal, one needs to stir the ingredients together then add water, molasses, honey, and margarine. After these, you need to stir all the gooey into the dry stuff until you get stiff dough. The dough is then smashed into the greased pan and baked for an hour at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Then the oven is turned down to 200 degrees and the door is opened for at least two hours. When the bread is baked, it will fill a ten by 15-inch pan1 inch high and makes about 2. 6 Inch square pieces. To obtain more information about dried food recipe, check out here.

Logan bread is a sample dry meal that most people can prepare at their homes, but there are more complicated yet delicious meals they can try. Many pantries lack the use of dairy and eggs when preparing a dry meal. This is because eggs and diary are tough to be frozen or refrigerated. However, you can stick up to ten can of buttermilk, powdered egg yolk, whole eggs, and egg whites and still add some tasteful goodness to enjoy a great hot omelette breakfast.

You do not need a dehydrator to make dried foods; you just need to use the oven on its lowest setting. With the oven door cracked slightly, if you do not mind spending extra more preparing dry meals will be fun. In addition as demonstrated in the above simple recipe, some investments in dried meals can really boost the normalcy of your daily menu. Learning how to prepare several dry meals will totally transform your attitude towards surviving with the ingredients on the food cupboard.

Posted By Dennis E. Baker